About Ozark Biomedical Initiative (OBI)

The OBI will combine leading expertise of technological research and healthcare practices to leverage and share participating institutions’ infrastructures of scholarly activities, clinical experiences, laboratory facilities and technology transfer.  Research and educational activities of this partnership include, but are not limited to, hosting regular symposiums, developing joint academic/clinical programs and sharing staff members' expertise to push the horizon of cutting-edge biomedical advances ranging from biomaterials development, cancer theranostics, stem cell research and bioinstrumentations to healthcare informatics. (Read More)

Our Mission

The Ozark Biomedical Initiative (OBI), a Missouri S&T - Phelps County Regional Medical Center collaborative, provides solutions to current medical and healthcare challenges through innovative biomedical research and education.

our vision

The Ozark Biomedical Initiative (OBI) will perform biomedical research to improve population health and to promulgate and advance scientific and technical research methodologies by combining advanced university research and education with a state-of-the-art medical center.

Inaugural Executive Board members

-in alphabetical order

  • Edward Clayton, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer, PCRMC, Rolla, MO
  • John Denbo, Former President and CEO, PCRMC, Rolla, MO
  • Donald James, Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer, PCRMC, Rolla, MO
  • K. Krishnamurthy, Vice Provost for Research, Missouri S&T, Rolla, MO
  • Timothy Martin, Cardiovascular Medicine and Director of the Catheterization Laboratory, PCRMC, Rolla, MO
  • Steve Roberts, Vice Provost and Dean for College of Arts, Sciences and Business, Missouri S&T, Rolla, MO
  • Warren K. Wray, Vice Chancellor for Global and Strategic Partnerships, Missouri S&T, Rolla, MO

Inaugural Research and Education Council members

-in alphabetical order

  • Sajal Das, Department Chair and Daniel St. Clair Endowed Professor of Computer Science, Missouri S&T, Rolla, MO
  • Nuran Ercal, Richard K. Vitek/FCR Endowed Professor of Chemistry, Missouri S&T, Rolla, MO
  • Chang-Soo Kim, Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Chemical & Biochemical Engineering, Missouri S&T, Rolla, MO
  • Yinfa Ma, Curators’ Teaching Professor of Chemistry, Associate Dean for Research and External Relations of College of Arts, Sciences, and Business, Missouri S&T, Rolla, MO
  • Mignon Makos, Neurology, PCRMC, Rolla, MO
  • Larry B. Marti, Orthopedic Surgery, Mercy Clinic Orthopedics, Rolla, MO
  • Timothy Martin, Cardiovascular Medicine, Director of the Catheterization Laboratory, PCRMC, Rolla, MO
  • Mohammed (Len) N. Rahaman, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Director of Center for Biomedical Science and Engineering, Missouri S&T, Rolla, MO
  • William V. Stoecker, Dermatology, Dermatology Center, Rolla, MO
  • Christopher R. Spencer, Radiation Oncology, PCRMC, Rolla, MO